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INTRALOT has a long presence in Bulgaria through our wholly-owned Bilot EooD / INTRALOT Bulgaria and maintains strong partnerships with successful industry incumbents and has built collaborative relationships with all industry stakeholders in Bulgaria.

Bilot EooD / INTRALOT Bulgaria, is currently one of the leading international gaming firms in Bulgaria with strategic stakes in Eurofootball  LTD and Eurobet LTD, two leading operators in the Bulgarian lottery and gaming marketplace.

Since  2002,  we participated by 49% in  Eurofootball  LTD  which holds a State licence to operate sports betting games (Fixed Odds and Virtual Games) and is the first Bulgarian private gaming company operating since the beginning of 1993. For 26 years, Eurofootball has been the market leader and the largest retail sports betting operator in Bulgaria while being the biggest franchisor in the country and a sustainable partner for small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers its games in nearly 1,000 branded point of sales and is the first and the only company that sponsors the Bulgarian sport directly and over the years it has funded some of the biggest sports events in Bulgaria. Furthermore, Eurofootball’s activities are based on the values and principles of the global State-sponsored lottery and gaming industry, as the company is a regular member of European Lotteries “EL” and World Lottery Association “WLA”.

Since 2016, we participated by 49% in Eurobet LTD which holds a State licence to operate lottery games through a land based network and interactive channels in Bulgaria. Eurobet, established in 1996, is the leader of number games in the Bulgarian gaming market providing some of the most popular and loved games in Bulgaria including Keno, Eurochance, Lottomania, Poker Chance and others, in a network of over 1,100 lottery shops. From the beginning of 2015, true to its heritage of innovation, Eurobet is offering its games through the internet and mobile devices.