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For over 25 years, AquaSource has been dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles through natural means. Established in 1994 by David Howell and Robert Davidson, two of the UK's leading homeopaths, AquaSource is committed to promoting health using natural source ingredients and making a wide variety of high-quality nutritional and natural beauty products available to everyone. As part of our vision, AquaSource products are sold through independent distributors through the most powerful method of distribution “word-of-mouth advertising".

Taking nutritional supplements is just one of the ways you can ensure dietary intake of important nutrients and thus maintain and protect your health. They are a practical solution to help ensure you and your family are getting nutrients essential for health and well-being every day. We are grateful to the many health care experts and others who recommend our products and the many customers that have been buying our products regularly, for over twenty-five years. Thank you!

Our mission: “With passion, dedication and enthusiasm we offer Healthy Lifestyle, Energy and Additional Incomes to everyone”.