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FoxLaser is your trusted partner for laser cutting, punching, sheet bending, welding, mechanical processing and powder coating of parts and products from sheet and profile metals and non-metals.

The accumulated more than 20 years of experience, filled with various challenges and complex tasks, thanks to our customers from different industries – agricultural technology, slot machine production, electronics, etc., give us the confidence that we can handle any project and all of its specific requirements.

We rely on a highly qualified team, specialized in working with high-quality machines for laser cutting, punching, sheet bending and powder coating, which constantly monitors the quality of the manufactured parts in order to minimize incorrect production.
The quality of our products, customer satisfaction and our constant improvement as specialists are the main goals of FoxLaser.

Our main services are:

  • 2D laser cutting of sheet material
  • 3D laser cutting of tubes and profiles
  • Punching
  • Sheet bending (press brake)
  • Welding
  • Powder coating of profiles