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Business consulting, processes optimization & transformation, training, and hands-on work with managers and teams.

Established in 2016, AgilePool Ltd. enables organisations to achieve true Business Agility. We transform traditional workplaces into vibrant, modern environments where motivation and innovation thrive.

Our mission is to create companies where teams work seamlessly toward common goals and are passionately focused on delivering value, moving beyond mere obligations to genuine engagement. By optimising management processes and instilling cutting-edge skills, we tailor our approach to enhance productivity and foster continuous improvement across all organisational levels.

Distinct from conventional consultants, we engage deeply hands-on with our clients, implementing strategies alongside teams to ensure real-time optimisation. Our proven track record with companies like Pluxee, Roche, Novartis, and Gameloft highlights our ability to accelerate digital transformation, improve decision-making, and streamline product development, delivering measurable results within months.

We provide three core services, designed to propel organisations toward excellence:

  • Business Process Optimisation and Transformation: We assist medium to large organizations refine their departments, teams, and project management processes using proven lean-agile methods, approaches, and frameworks. We streamline operations for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Upskill Managers and Teams: Focused on tangible results, we help managers and teams grow with essential improvements in team delivery, leadership abilities, and overall performance, ensuring that employees reach their fullest potential.
  • Training & Workshops: Our hands-on training and workshops equip managers, teams, and employees with 100% practical skills. Through innovative approaches, we ensure individuals are ready to apply new techniques and insights directly to their work, fostering immediate and long-term benefits.