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Bulmarket Group was established in the Danube city of Ruse in 1996. Its business is associated with a full range of land, railway, and river transportation, fuel storage facilities, terminals for gas and oil products, as well as ownership of a port and trade in mineral fuels. It actively expands not only in the local market but also in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, and several countries within the European Union, possessing terminals within their territories, thus capturing an increasingly significant market share.

Part of Bulmarket Group are six subsidiary companies: Bulmarket DM, Port Bulmarket, Bulmarket Rail Cargo, Bulmarket Auto Transport, Bulmarket Security, and Bulmarket CNG.

The company forms the first private railway carrier in Bulgaria. As of today, it is the second-largest after BDZ (Bulgarian State Railways) and also holds a license as a railway operator in Romania and Serbia. Bulmarket Group is the owner of the largest river port in Bulgaria and a multifunctional terminal, the only one of its kind in this country, encompassing three types of transport - railway, road, and water, connected with a common gas and product pipeline network, with 35,000 sq. meters of covered and 15,000 sq. meters of open warehouse areas and serving pump-compressor stations. It has several terminals for gas and oil products in Bulgaria and Romania, with some of the deliveries made via river and sea. Bulmarket Rail Cargo carried the transportation of 2,700,000 tons of goods and held a 14.28% market share for the year of 2022. It is the biggest private and most active company in Bulgaria regarding the modernisation of rolling stock in fully eco-friendly solutions with direct investments in the railways in the amount of over 60 million euros for the last three years.

Today, Bulmarket Group is also one of the largest employers in the Ruse region with over 1,400 specialised personnel.