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Boyanov & Co.

Boyanov & Co., established over 34 years ago, has built a prestigious reputation as a top-tier legal partner for over 4,500 esteemed corporate and institutional clients. The firm has significantly impacted Bulgaria’s legal landscape, participating in major transactions and advocating for legal and business environment improvements.

As a founder of the Legal Development Foundation, Boyanov & Co. is instrumental in shaping modern legal professionals. The firm’s initiation of The Balkan Legal Forum and The South East Europe Legal Group (SEE Legal) showcases its influence in the international legal community. Additionally, Boyanov & Co. is the initiator and co-founder of the Three Seas Legal Alliance (TSLA), further solidifying its impact and outreach. These initiatives, along with memberships in global legal associations, expand the firm’s reach and enhance its ability to offer comprehensive legal support across borders.

Boyanov & Co. stands as a beacon of legal prowess, ethics, and international influence. With a focus on client success and a commitment to legal excellence, the firm continues to shape the legal landscape in Bulgaria and beyond.