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Chateau Copsa


Chateau Copsa

We, the Minkov family, strongly believe that making good wine is an art, especially when part of this wine are the sweet juices of thousands of years of history. Located in the Rose Valley, our Château Copsa draws its knowledge and inspiration from the lands of the ancient Thracians, famous for their excellent wine. Today we combine the ancient traditions with the latest technologies so we can make our own wine.

Château Copsa is one of the few family wineries where we take the control of the whole process of making the wine – from the grapes to its bottling – into our own hands. This allows us to monitor every stage of its development and make sure it lives and reveals its even more interesting, deep character notes, even when bottled.

In 2005 we built a modern winemaking base with its own laboratory in the town of Klisura, situated nearby our vineyards. To ensure the proper storage of our products, in 2008 we built the majestic castle Château Copsa, a place where we welcome and share our wine with our friends and guests. And since their number is constantly growing, in 2017 we added Maison Copsa, a boutique art hotel and restaurant. We transformed them into an alternative and discreet oasis for urban people, where among the beauty of the Rose Valley they can indulge in the slow rhythm of the château and forget about the outside world.