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Shell Bulgaria


Shell Bulgaria

In 1991 Shell became the first international oil company to enter the Bulgarian market. Today we operate a network of fuel retail stations and offer the B2B euroShell Card service.

Our core values honesty, integrity and respect for people are the foundation of the Shell General Business Principles.

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Facts and Innovations

-          Shell Dragichevo – the first Shell retail site in Bulgaria opened 1993

-          Today Shell operates a network of 110 fuel retail stations in our country

-          Every month we serve more than 1 million Bulgarian customers

-          We introduced the differentiated Shell V-Power fuels more than 10 years ago. Thus we gave our customers an opportunity to use high quality fuels with improved performance developed through advanced technology

-          Shell established CLUBSMART - one of the first long-term loyalty programmes in Bulgaria. Nowadays 65% of our customer are active members of CLUBSMART

Our staff

-          Shell is one of the best employers in Bulgaria and CEE according to Hewitt research performed in 2009 и 2010

-          We have more than 80 Shell staff members working in our office in Sofia

Social Investment

-          Shell Eco-marathon – in this 28-year old competition for energy efficiency students from all over the world design, build and drive vehicles able to travel the farthest using the least amount of energy. Bulgarian universities started their successful participation in one of Shell’s largest social investment projects more than 5 years ago.

-          Road Safety – Shell has a long-term commitment in Bulgaria to encourage and promote road safety measures among target stakeholders and the whole society. We invested a lot in various road safety initiatives and campaigns in cooperation with relevant state authorities and we are happy to see our efforts in this field bring positive results.