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Bodu SOD


Bodu SOD

BODU Ltd. offers security services in all types of security activities specified of the Private Security Services Act:

  1. Personal security for physical entities;
  2. Protection of the property of physical persons and legal entities;
  3. Event security;
  4. Protection of valuable consignments and cargo (collections);
  5. Security services using technical equipment – security and alarm systems, video surveillance and fire alarm systems.

BODU Ltd. advantages are as follows:

  1. Team of professionals;
  2. Excellent managers;
  3. Well-trained and highly qualified security officers;
  4. Hi-tech equipment;
  5. The latest generation of technical security tools;
  6. Multiple locations and full coverage;
  7. Infrastructure available for performance of any contract;
  8. Confidentiality, devotion, professionalism and high priority on the appropriate attitude in favour of customers’ interests;
  9. Flexibility when defining the parameters and terms and conditions of contracts with our customers;
  10. Systematic approach to security activities aimed at guaranteeing customers’ safety;
  11. BODU Ltd. has its own licensed NAVET vocational training centre;
  12. Security services insurance protection.