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Mommy and Daddy's Diary Foundation


Mommy and Daddy's Diary Foundation

Mommy and Daddy's Diary Foundation was established in 2018. The foundation’s good cause is to improve the practices of parents and professionals in support of early childhood development.

The Foundation builds on the successful mission of the brand (book and web platform) of the same name which started in 2008: supporting parents with up-to-date, quality and timely information.

The Foundation works to develop models for shared care for early childhood development and health, focusing on the need for partnership between parents, professionals and communities.

The Foundation's current projects are:

1. Creation of a parents’ corner in the Chitalishte* libraries

2. Developing a model for tracking and stimulation of early childhood development and health through the practices of GPs / pediatricians.

The Foundation opens the theme of early childhood development as a cause for sustainable development, addressing the need for a deeper understanding by politicians, businesses, professionals and society.


*The Chitalishte is a typical Bulgarian public institution that performs educational and enlightenment functions and amateur activity.