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CEZ Bulgaria

CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD is the electricity supplier company for about 2 million end customers, connected to the grid in Western Bulgaria. The company is a successor of the electricity supply activity of Electricity Distribution Stolichno AD, Electricity Distribution Sofia Oblast AD and Electricity Distribution Pleven AD since the beginning of January 2007 when was accomplished unbundling process (splitting the activities of supply and distribution). It was done as required by law in order to assure the conditions for energy market opening.

CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD performs activities such as electricity supply, product and service development, marketing and sales strategy, LV and MV customer service on general and individual basis.

The company aims to answer in best way the advance in world and technologies and to meet its customers expectations With this respect many modern services and on-line functionalities are in preparation.Available are number of convenient ways of payment, electronic invoice, sms services, as well as apply for services via phone or at the corporate web site.