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Paralax Life Sciences


Paralax Life Sciences

Paralax Life Sciences was incorporated in 2009 and targets entrepreneurial activities and investment in Life Sciences. Founders and owners are Vladislava Georgieva and Dimitar Georgiev.

The company has invested in a dozen small Bulgarian enterprises, mostly start-ups supporting their development until a potential exit. The main topics of interest are medical genetics, drug development, medical science, personalized medicine.

The company operates with own funds and relies on the expertise of the owners as well on the competent pro bono support of experts from the EU and the U.S. Some of the companies, where Paralax Life Sciences invested are market leaders such as Nm genomix in retail genetics genomix, Product JSC in personalised medicine.

Paralax Life Sciences has a social responsibility programme that is proportional to its size and supports two social entrepreneurship companies, a couple of NGOs and a school for the visually impaired.