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United Bulgarian Bank (UBB)


United Bulgarian Bank (UBB)

Established in 1992 through the merger of 22 Bulgarian regional commercial banks, United Bulgarian Bank is the first and most comprehensive consolidation project in the Bulgarian banking sector.

In 2017 the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC acquired UBB from the National Bank of Greece. After the forthcoming CIBANK-UBB consolidation the new united UBB bank will rank as the third largest bank in Bulgaria in terms of assets, equaling approximately BGN 5.1 billion euro, with a market share of nearly 11%.

CIBANK, UBB and its subsidiary companies, as well as DZI will together grow into the largest banking and insurance group in Bulgaria, one of the main markets for КВС Group. As a result of that КВС Group will also actively penetrate the lease market, as well as the asset management and factoring markets in Bulgaria, by offering its clients the full range of banking services.