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Vinex Preslav


Vinex Preslav

Since its establishment in 1948, Vinex Preslav has remained at the forefront in the production of high quality wines and spirits. Our aim is to preserve a traditional winemaking style, while at the same time continue to perfect the quality of our products by means of modern winemaking techniques.

At Vinex Preslav, we rely on a combination of carefully selected grapes, state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified team of professionals who give their full potential to achieve excellent results. Today Vinex Preslav is an epitome of wines of quality and character!

Our products

  • In 1953 was created the Trade Mark „Pliska”
  • In 1964 was created the Trade Mark “Preslav”
  • In 1976 was created the Trade Mark “Slantchew Brjag”
  • In 1980 was created the Trade Mark “Pliska 1300”
  • In 1979 was created the Trade Mark „Trakiya” – „A monsieur Henri Selection”.

Vinex Preslav produces two wines with controlled name of origin – Chardonnay Preslav and Chardonnay Novi Pazar.

Vinex Preslav is established as one of the most dynamic producers in the market: realization on the international markets of wine and brandy, constant innovations of Trade Marks and creation of new.