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Dental Clinic Petar Duchev


Dental Clinic Petar Duchev

Over the past 13 years Dental Clinic Petar Duchev which focuses on dental implantology and pediatric dentistry emerged as one of the leading and creative dental practices with high-quality care and treatment.

The latest project of the practice was launched in 2014 when a dental franchise was purchased from International Group Zablotsky that incorporates six dental clinics the latest of which is being developed in London.

Dental Clinic Petar Duchev is located in the European Parliament building in Sofia, Bulgaria, on an area of 420 sq. m.  It is equipped with facilities meeting all  international safety standards. The clinic has a 3D scanner, surgery room, specialised sterilisation room.

Safety Is Our Hallmark is the slogan of the clinic. With the disinfection and sterilisation systems of the equipment and the  instruments,  guaranteed by our partners Miele, Dreger and Planmeca, each patient can be sure about their health.

The team provides its patients a five-star service without stress, in a modern and ergonomic environment. The green line of the clinic includes measures and technologies that benefit patients, staff and first of all nature.

The social commitments of the clinic are the reason for its nomination  in Best Social Policy of  SME category in BBLF’s 2014 Responsible Business Awards.