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JOBS.BG is the primary source for career information in Bulgaria. It is visited by over 1.1M unique users who make more than 6M visits and send over 1.8M applications a month (Source: Google Analytics). JOBS.BG’s audience exceeds multiple times the combined audiences of all its competitors.

74% of users are currently employed and 10% are students. 17% are 20-24 years old, 21% are 25-29 years old, 17% are 30-34 years old, 14% are 35-39 years old and 11% are 40-45 years old. 72% of users have higher education: 26% Bachelor’s, 45% Master’s and 1% PhD (Source: Intelligence Group).

Effectively all businesses, both large and SME (with access to Internet), use JOBS.BG as their primary, and in most cases, sole channel for attracting qualified candidates. This represents over 70.000 companies, which post more than 25.000 job offers per month.

As virtually all companies in Bulgaria use JOBS.BG to advertise their vacancies, the spectrum of jobs in terms of business fields, job functions and career levels is highly representative of the local market. JOBS.BG publishes a monthly index of the supply and demand of jobs called JOBIX (See at JOBS.BG has nearly 100% brand awareness in Bulgaria. aims to create the optimal environment for companies to find the most suitable candidates and for candidates to get the opportunity to fully develop their potential.

JOBS.BG was elected Business Superbrand for 2007-2008 and Superbrand for 2009-2010.