BBLF in the Media

The results of the elections held during the BBLF General Assembly.


Three Board members and a financial controller were elected at the BBLF General Assembly on 28 May 2014.

Focus News Agency

Yordanka Fandakova became an honorary member of BBLF.

BG Predpriemach

At a formal ceremony hosted by Sofia Town Hall on 14 May 2014 and attended by BBLF board members and the media Ms. Zoya Paunova, deputy chairperson, handed Ms. Fandakova her honorary membership certificate in appreciation of her long-term support of BBLF’s mission to encourage good business practices.


For details please refer to the interview with Ms. Zoya Paunova, deputy chairperson of the Forum.


Video on the BBLF's Bulgarian Industry: Mission Possible conference.

Investor BG

Ms. Maria Shishkova, BBLF board member, on the conference in Plovdiv right after its end.


Before the start of the Bulgarian Industry: Mission Possible conference.

Darik Radio

George Ruitchev, BBLF Executive Director, on why businesses would be interested to join the forthcoming conference in Plovdiv.

Darik News

Industrial parks and companies from around the country convene in Plovdiv on 11 April at the Bulgarian Industry: Mission Possible. The event organised by BBLF provides a platform for dialogue of leading Bulgarian and international companies, the government and the local authorities on current economic issues.

BNR Radio Blagoevgrad

An interview regarding the forthcoming BBLF Responsible business awards 2011

TB Magazine


A piece of news about the official start of the nominations process for the Responsible Business Awards 2011.

EFB Business TV

Аn interview with Executive Director Mr. Stamen Tassev, who reflects upon numerous issues related to the current economy, legislation and how the notion of CSR fits in the overall situation.

Tackling the Grey Economy

Classa Daily

The polemic of the grey economy in the country is becoming an ever controversial and debated question equally pertaining to the business, the governement and the community. You may read an article featuring the BBLF Executive Director, Stamen Tassev on his views on the informal sector in Bulgaria. The article was recently published in Classa newspaper.

The Importance of CSR

Pari Newspaper

You may read an article featuring an interview with Executive Director Stamen Tassev, who speaks of BBLF history, its activities and the importance of CSR in Bulgaria. The article was recently published in Pari newspaper.

Note: All press clippings are kindly provided by HeadLine. The articles are mainly in Bulgarian. If you wish to read it in English, please contact the BBLF office.