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It emerged at a BBLF event in Plovdiv today


Support of social causes discussed in Plovdiv today.

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Nearly 70 attended Business Doing Good conference.

Bulgaria on Air

The most prestigious CSR competition is now open for entries.

Apply now for the 12th Annual Responsible Business awards.

BBLF's 12th annual competition opens for entries.

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BBLF announced the nominations season.

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BBLF held a conference and B2B meetings in Istanbul in cooperation with TUSKON.


The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum held in cooperation with the Confederation of businessmen and industrialists in Turkey a business conference and B2B meetings in Istanbul.

Tvoyat biznes, Your Business, e-zine

The success of our first ever business visit outside of Bulgaria indicates the Forum is a dynamic and vital organisation.

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Potential business partnerships between Bulgarian and Turkish companies were discussed at a conference held by BBLF and TUSKON.

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Some 500 managers and staff of 40 of the biggest companies and their families took part in the annual sports event.

Press clipping of the event.

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The Business Leaders Olympics held for the eleventh year in a row by BBLF attracted a record number of participants.

Why change is a key to success, are we open to change and how do we adjust our attitude to it? Check out what renowned international speaker Alfredo Culebro told

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Some 40 university students and young managers attended Alfredo Culebro's speech titled Embrace Success. The event was held within Lead for Tomorrow, one of BBLF's most popular initiatives that allows young talents and managers to learn directly from the best in today's business world.

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The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum organises an event, part of its Lead for Tomorrow project, tonight at 6.30 pm.


Alfredo Culebro's speech Embrace Success is taking place tonight at 6.30 pm at Elieff Centre for Education and Culture. The event is organised by the BBLF.

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Mr. Ivaylo Penchev, Walltopia General Manager and Mr. Petеr Velev, Ecopharm CEO are the new leaders on the BBLF Board.