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Helping Homeless People Change Their Destiny

May 07, 2007
Helping Homeless People Change Their Destiny

Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law started a campaign with the appeal to the whole society to raise funds in the name of the Bulgarian homeless people. The problem they pose for discussion should be in the focus of attention of both the representatives of the public and the institutions, the central and the local authorities, socially responsible business, the media and the third sector as well as the ordinary people. That is why they appeal to all of us - we together can give the homeless a chance to be like us - proud members of the Bulgarian society. 


A crisis centre will be created with the raised funds, which will be a temporary shelter for homeless people (adults), where they will get food, life-saving medicines, help in finding work and issuing identity papers, reference to a medical institution and psychological counselling. The initiative envisages the people who will use this service to take active role in its development which will motivate them to make an effort and change their way of life.


The initially required funds will be raised through donations at a charity event with the participation of the local church community which will provide a building. The Municipality of Veliko Turnovo has promised to double the funds raised from donations.


Therefore it is our pleasure to invite all of you to a charity event on May 16, 2007 at 19:00 in the Military Club.The initiative aims to lay the foundations of a long-term commitment to provide care and humane attitude to the homeless people not only from the state authorities but from the society represented by every one of us.


Become part of the charity campaign and make your contribution in resolving this social problem!