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Students Ready for a High Start with Postbank

June 08, 2006
Students Ready for a High Start with Postbank

For a second year in a row, Postbank carries out the ‘High Start with Postbank' campaign. More than 25 000 high-school students from 511 schools all over the country are expected to participate in the contest for a one-off scholarship worth 450 leva. "High Start with Postbank" program is under the patronage of Mr. Daniel Vultchev, Minister of Education and Science.


The program is aimed at eight grade students in foreign language high schools in the country. The first top ranked 150 students who will successfully pass the foreign language exam of the Ministry of Education and Science, will be granted the scholarship. The examination will be conducted on the 16th of June.


"It is not by chance that we decided to invest efforts and funds in secondary education. Postbank has an established social policy in which support to Bulgarian education is one of the main priorities. We will be very proud if through High Start With Postbank Program we can help the children realize how valuable knowledge is and if we can train part of the future intellectual elite of the country", said Mr. Anthony Hassiotis, Chief Executive Officer of Postbank.


It is precisely in view of the continuous development of young people that this year Postbank is extending the program. So far it targeted secondary school students, whereas as of this year, university students are included as well.