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BBLF: We Stand Behind the Government Against Corruption

May 17, 2006

Its willingness to support the government in all ways possible in the struggle against corruption has declared BBLF today in a letter to the Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev and the Minister of European Affairs Meglena Kouneva. The statement is with regard to yesterday announced Monitoring Report of the European Commission on Bulgaria's preparedness for EU membership.


In the letter on behalf of over 200 large Bulgarian and international companies BBLF Chairman, Maxim Behar has stressed that the organization realizes the importance of European Commission's recommendations and remarks stated in the report.


"Since the establishment of the Forum in 1998, one of its main goals has been the fight against corruption and the achievement of transparent and honest business. We think that this question is on today's agenda more than ever and we are certain that corruption, in all of its forms and displays, can be uprooted only through constant cooperation between the business and the government at all levels, and in all areas of activity" he writes.


The BBLF member companies are certain in their willingness and readiness to support the government of the Republic of Bulgaria in its efforts to manage with the vicious practices of corruption, by doing what is necessary in order for Bulgaria to join the European Community on January 1, 2007.