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The New Front-Runners Welcomed by Business

May 16, 2006
The New Front-Runners Welcomed by Business

12 newly assigned general and executive managers of large companies were introduced officially to the business circles by BBLF at the second edition of the New Front-Runners initiative.


The leaders of ADIS, Post Bank, Nokia, AIG Life Bulgaria, Intracom Bulgaria, Zagorka, ProWave, Actavis, Xerox Bulgaria, Ernst and Young and Carrier Bulgaria were welcomed by their partners and competitors during a special ceremony.


"The New Front-Runners event has become now traditional because we realized how useful it is for the businesses to meet in person the new managers and get in touch with them. They will surely face a lot of challenges but we, at BBLF, believe that will continue to develop their companies in a transparent and ethical way", said BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar in his address. He handed to each of the new front-runners a BBLF pin thus welcoming them on behalf of the responsible business in Bulgaria.


Some of the managers have worked until now in their companies' branches around the world such as the leaders of Zagorka, AIG Life, Intracom, Ernst and Young. But many of them are Bulgarians who climbed up to the top due to years of hard working just like the managers of Xerox Bulgaria, Nokia Networks, ADIS, Postbank, Actavis, ProWave, Carrier Bulgaria and Overgas did.