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April 11, 2006
BBLF Executive Director participated in a discussion and press conference regarding the state control over accountancy and auditing in market economy conditions. The event, organised by the Institute of Certified Accountants today, was on whether it is necessary to restore the state powers in this specific field.


Stamen Tassev stated that BBLF members make transparent and socially responsible business. "The Forum leads a friendly dialogue with the government, including the Ministry of Finance and we, as BBLF, firmly believe that since the state has given away its controlling rights over accountancy and many other professional fields, it should not need restoring it", stated Mr. Tassev and added that the businesses would not accept accountancy departments bigger than the production ones.


Representatives of the Sofia Chamber of Commercial and Industry, Institute of the Certified Internal Auditor, academic institutions and other relevant bodies also attended the event.