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Bulgarian Stock Exchange Recognises BBLF Business Ethics Rules

March 19, 2006
Bulgarian Stock Exchange Recognises BBLF Business Ethics Rules

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange Executive Director Bistra Ilkova and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Viktor Papazov were handed the unique BBLF Business Ethics Standard during a special meeting between the BBLF Managing Board and the management of the Stock Exchange.


The two parties met to discuss their mutual cooperation in the light of EU joining and found out that their organizations shared the same ethical benchmarks; it was announced after the discussion.

At least two BBLF member companies will soon be listed on the stock exchange, the Forum's Chairman Maxim Behar announced at the meeting.

Stressing on the importance of a well functioning stock exchange, Maxim Behar said it was necessary for a strong business environment. "One of the main goals of BBLF is transparency, and there is no other business as transparent as the stock exchange one," he added.

Behar also pointed out the role of the management of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, who, in his words, are open for cooperation and seeking new ways to boost the capital market.