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Student Companies Handed the Business Ethics Standard

March 15, 2006
Student Companies Handed the Business Ethics Standard

For the first time representatives of the secondary education joined the BBLF Business Ethics Standard at a special ceremony on March 14. The BBLF Chairman, Maxim Behar handed the document, outlining the main principles of business conduct, to Ivan Arsov, Principal of the National Financial-Economic High School in Sofia and to representatives of all the thirteen training companies run by students within the high school.


 "There is only one way of doing business and it is the ethical," Mr. Behar, assured the future businessmen after handing the certificates. "It is a fact that more than 1200 companies from across the country have adopted the Business Ethics Standard, which means that the Bulgarian business needs it and wants to work by it. Ethical business means making profit in a transparent way," he added.


 The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum are to initiate the introduction of a "Business Hour" in secondary schools in a bid to bridge the gap between students' theoretical background and real business expectations. The project will give students at specialized secondary schools the opportunity to meet business practitioners, and learn from their experience and advice. The experts will provide students with information on the business environment, contemporary local and international tendencies of day-to-day business, the most interesting market trends, and their own personal success stories.