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Business Leaders Teach Business to Students

March 19, 2004

"I hope this project in its new format becomes more and more yours as opposed to BBLF's, as it is a project exclusively for you," said BBLF Chairman Maxim Behar at the official opening of the Business Master Classes. The launch of the forth annual edition of the Career Advisory Project, organized by BBLF and AIMS Human Capital," took place on March 18, 2004, at the University for National and World Economy and attracted over 300 students and BBLF members. Official guests to the ceremony were Mr. Sotir Ushev, Executive Director of the Employment Agency and Mr. Stefan Katsarov, Senior Expert at the Foreign Investment Agency. Moderator of the opening was a student - Mr. Victor Kehajov, President of AIESEC Bulgaria.

"It is not so important who will rule the country in 5 or10 years. It is more important who will run the business in Bulgaria. If you come to the Business Master Classes and learn from our experience, this could be you," said Maxim Behar.


Following the official opening there was the presentation of the Human Resources Business Master Class. Ms. Maria Shishkova, Executive Director of AIMS Human Capital introduced the lecturers for the 4 seminars as well as their topics. Some of them also gave some previews, or "teasers" as Ms. Seefeldt called them, regarding what the Master Classes will be like. After those short presentations, Ms. Shishkova opened the floor for discussion and there were numerous questions. Most of them showed great interest in the Master Classes and wished for BBLF to expand the possible places, so that all of them could participate. But as Ms. Shishkova said, "Try! Believe in yourself and convince us that you are the right choice. Do not be discouraged, because the Bulgarian Business Leaders will always support you!"