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HEAL Partnership Launches in Sofia Schools

September 15, 2004
HEAL Partnership Launches in Sofia Schools

BBLF, Astra Zeneca, Aqua Source and Ms. Iliana Raeva, National Eurhythmics Team Coach launched the HEAL Project in two Sofia Schools on the first day of school year, Sept. 15, 2004.

The HEAL Partnership Project (Healthy Eating! Active Living!) is the first-ever attempt in Bulgaria to educate the school generation about how to take care of their health, maintain good physical shape, stay tuned, positive and energetic. As of October 1st, famous nutrition and sports doctors will lecture students on the benefits of leading a healthy life and the damages that bad habits obtained at an early age can cause.

Ms. Iliana Raeva agreed to be the "face" of the project and contribute with lectures herself, but also invite some of the most famous figures in Bulgarian sports today to meet with the students and speak to them about the importance of staying healthy.

Ms. Iliana Raeva belongs to the "golden girls" generation of Bulgarian eurhythmics gymnasts who used to rule this beautiful sport in the 1980s and ‘90s. She is also the coach of the bronze-winning Bulgarian Olympic ensemble from Athens 2004.

The pilot stage of HEAL will start at the American College of Sofia and 35th ‘Dobry Voynikov" School. The second phase of the initiative will take place in as many schools in Sofia as possible, and also in the rest of the country.