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BBLF Back-up for Velchev on Education Reform

August 16, 2004

More than 140 leading companies in Bulgaria, members of BBLF, voiced their support for Finance Minister Milen Velchev's initiative for emergency reform in education.


 "We believe that if we all work together - state institutions, business and media - we will be able to help young people to successfully pursue their professional careers in Bulgaria," stated in his letter to the Finance Minister BBLF Chairman Mr. Maxim Behar, expressing the position of all BBLF members. "I am convinced it is namely through bringing business to the student auditoriums, that we will manage to most efficiently prepare the students for their future work in any modern office," the letter reads.


For the fifth consecutive year, BBLF has been organising the ‘Career Advice' Students Project that last year evolved into the now truly popular BBLF Business Master Classes. As part of that unique-for-Bulgaria project, the managers of more than 50 leading Bulgarian and international companies acted as guest-lecturers at seminars in the spheres of IT, tourism, finance, management, HR, and more.


The purpose of the BBLF Business Master Classes is to update students with the latest trends in modern business and teach young people skills and knowledge that is not available on the students curriculum. Annually, more than 1,000 students from all over the country enjoy the unique opportunity to learn first-hand how business is being done these days.


In academic season 2004-2005, the project will feature classes in PR and Media, Finance and Banking, Pharmacy and Health Care, IT/Telecommunications, Marketing and Advertising, and Management. Classes run October through May.