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BBLF Xmas celebration - Business Leaders Know How to Party

December 08, 2003

Breaking news: Business Leaders in Bulgaria choose Todoroff Merlot as their favorite wine!


This was discovered at the BBLF Christmas party, held on December 8, 2003, at the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan. Business leaders gathered to celebrate their friendship, and to get "infected" with that famous BBLF Christmas spirit. A major contribution to the party atmosphere was provided by our guest stars, the BBLF Managing Board, who performed Auld Lang Syne - a music piece to be remembered. Everybody agreed the performance was worth making a video and sending it as a special memento to all BBLF members and friends.


The professional tasting of Todoroff wines added flavor to the party fever, as it was quite complex, yet pleasing. The different criteria as to varieties of tint, aroma, and taste, summed up to a unanimous conclusion that Bulgarian Business Leaders are definitely most fond of Todoroff Merlot.


While the event proceeded, the "picture gallery" situated around on the walls of the hall was being enhanced. Two stealthy caricaturists were on the look-out for party-goers, creating interesting shots to the enjoyment of everybody in the hall. All guests were able to buy off their own caricature, and the money was earmarked for setting up the Junior Venture Investment Fund together with Junior Achievement Bulgaria. 


Of course, no party is complete without special raffle prizes. A raffle with the tickets of everyone present was drawn, and two wonderful Christmas gifts went out to the lucky winners. Krassmir Ganchev, CEO of Nokia Bulgaria, was much envied for winning an unforgettable weekend for six people at the Todoroff wine cellars in Brestovitsa. Tsenka Kokorska, Production Manager of Vidima AD, was surprised and happy to fulfil a long-term wish of hers: she won a British Airways plane ticket and Hilton Hotel voucher for a memorable stay in London. 


Those were the special prizes, but no one left without a gift. Each guest took home a bottle of the finest Todoroff wine, along with a spark of the BBLF Christmas spirit to light their Christmas tree.