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AAM Consulting and Musala Insurance Broker Spoke at Information Security, Cyber Insurance Webinar

January 16, 2024
AAM Consulting and Musala Insurance Broker Spoke at Information Security, Cyber Insurance Webinar

The online event was part of our Meet BBLF Success series


BBLF’s business community got familiar with best practice in information security and cyber insurance as a way to reduce risks at our first webinar this year which took place on 10 January. Guest speakers of the event were our members AAM Consulting and Musala Insurance Broker to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks.

The new edition of Meet BBLF Success series was dedicated to information security given the growing importance of efforts to protect corporate networks, prevent data breaches and maintaining customer trust. The event was a beneficial collaboration between AAM Consulting and Mussala Insurance Broker, industry-leaders with professional expertise and profound experience.

The event was opened by Levon Hampartzoumian, BBLF Chair, Ivo Nikolov, AAM Consulting Bulgaria GM, and Nikolay Chernev, Musala Insurance Broker owner. The webinar gathered information security experts and managers who got some insights into the approach and policies of the two companies.

Guest speakers included Ivo Nikolov, who presented AAM Consulting and its business strategy and values, Gergely Nagy, Senior Information Security Consultant with AAM Management Information Consulting, Martin Atanasov, Senior IT Security Consultant with AAM Consulting Bulgaria (presentation). Musala Insurance Broker was represented by Michail Milev, Head of General Insurance (presentation).

Participants learned more about successful information security strategies, the main ways to prevent cyberattacks and cyber insurance as a way to protect businesses from data breaches and other cyber attacks. The Q&A session discussed a number of practical issues with speakers providing useful tips, guidance and recommendations.

AAM Consulting Bulgaria,established in 2010, provides information technology and information security consulting services to the banking and other sectors and has 2,500+ successful projects.

Musala Insurance Broker, established in 2007, has 200+ offices nationwide, 120,000+ individual clients, 1,500+ corporate clients, and is on the top 10 of 320 brokers in Bulgaria.

Meet BBLF Success, a series of events that showcase the inspiring success stories of our members in various sectors: their development, innovations and best practice in corporate governance and sustainable growth. The format enables sharing know-how and experience while fostering business partnerships within BBLF’s community.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Meet BBLF Success!

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