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Meet BBLF Success at KCM 2000

May 04, 2023
Meet BBLF Success at KCM 2000

On 28 April, Holding KCM 2000 hosted the latest edition of our Meet BBLF Success initiative, a special event designed to showcase the work, success, achievements, innovations and best CSR practices of BBLF member companies.

Holding KCM 2000 owns the capital of the companies within KCM 2000, which operate in the fields of metallurgy and ore mining; processing and marketing of concentrates, non-ferrous metals and alloys; engineering; industrial service and other services. The products and services of the companies within the KCM 2000 Group are used by leading companies in the industrial world. The company's business and priority investments are synchronised with environmental protection, safety and health at work. The companies of the holding share values ​​that become guiding principles in everyday work: loyalty, sustainability, commitment and excellent service.

Rumen Tsonev, CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors, presented the leading Bulgarian metal industry company to the BBLF Board members. The visit’s exclusive format was motivated by the nature of the company's operational activities.

During the visit, the guests had the opportunity to learn about the unique world-class black lead production system and the high standards of operation at the New Zinc Concentrate Roasting and Sulphuric Acid Production Plant, a cutting-edge technology for this type of production.

At the Technology Centre, guests observed in real time the management of KCM 2000's main productions: making observations, diagnostics and adjustment of technological parameters. The visit to the Precious Metals Plant and the casting process of 500 g. and 1 kg. silver bar stirred visitors’ interest. The tour ended at the site displaying 230 tonnes of finished zinc production ready for shipment today.

Guests included Anton Panayotov, CEO of Alaric Securities, Kamelia Slaveykova, Chair of the Board of Shell Bulgaria, Karel Kral, CEO of Electrohold Bulgaria, Peter Velev, CEO of Ecopharm, Milena Dragijska, CEO of LIDL Bulgaria, Miroslav Petrov, CEO of Lead Vision. BBLF Board Chair Levon Hampartzoumian, Executive Director Georgi Ruitchev and Deputy Director Gabriela Marinova also attended the event.

Stay tuned for the next Meet BBLF Success event.