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New companies in BBLF

November 25, 2022
New companies in BBLF

Our responsible business community keeps growing

At its last meeting for 2022 which took place in November the BBLF Board voted in favour of the admission of three companies: Financial Times, Kinkin & Partners and ThingsLog.

Our new members may come from completely different sectors - media, legal services and communications technology - but are united by the responsible and sustainable development of their businesses:

- The Financial Times Bulgaria - one of the world's leading business news organisations, internationally recognised for its credibility, integrity and accuracy;

- Kinkin & Partners - a leading law firm that unites the legal practice of expert lawyers and is the result of many years of work dating back to 1986 successfully combining legal advice and excellent litigation practice;

- ThingsLog - offers monitoring-as-a-service platform that allows businesses to monitor their consumption of water, gas or electricity online from any place and any device. It allows you to monitor also temperature, air quality, ambient environment, radiation, tension, vibrations in critical infrastructure.

By becoming BBLF members, the three companies have committed to apply the values set out in the Business Ethics Standard developed by the organisation in 2001.