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Meet BBLF Success With Eco Globe: Funding Opportunities for Bulgarian Businesses

November 17, 2022
Meet BBLF Success With Eco Globe: Funding Opportunities for Bulgarian Businesses

The eighth edition of the Meet BBLF Success initiative was held on 17 November 2022 to significant interest from BBLF member companies. Managers and senior executives of over 30 companies from our community attended the meeting and found out more about the operations of Eco Globe, a consulting company that has been successfully consulting, preparing, implementing and reporting on EU projects for 10 years. The focus of the discussion was on funds that Bulgarian companies can benefit from in the current period.

The Meet BBLF Success series seeks to showcase the inspiring stories of members in different sectors: their entrepreneurship, achievements, innovations and best CSR practice. The format is also a useful platform for high-level networking fostering collaboration among member companies.

At the beginning of the meeting Levon Hampartsoumian, BBLF Chair, noted that Bulgaria, being a part of Europe and the world needs to be part of current business transformation processes. The purpose of the European funds is not just to be absorbed, but to see the results, which is why every project is successful when it changes the environment in which we do business, study and live, in order to make Bulgaria a better place to invest, work and live in, he said.

Biliana Toncheva from the consulting company Eco Globe briefly presented its activities, highlighting the long experience in consulting and preparing projects with EU funding, as well as the licenses for energy audits of buildings, industrial systems and lighting, which are particularly important for the beneficiaries. Every company regardless of its size or sector needs resources, so it is important to analyse and make use of the grant funding opportunities available to Bulgarian businesses, she said.

Biliana Toncheva presented the current funding procedures for: ICT solutions and services for small and medium-sized companies; renovation of buildings in the field of manufacturing, trade, services and tourism - 100% grant for micro, small and medium-sized businesses and up to 80% for large enterprises; purchase of photovoltaic and renewable energy systems, as well as batteries for local energy storage for self-consumption; development of innovations; resource efficiency; implementation of innovations; adaptation of the working environment, etc. There are so many opportunities that there is practically no company that could not benefit, she said.

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about the EU funds that are expected to be launched in the foreseeable future, the application terms and process, as well as ask some questions.

The discussion was moderated by Maxim Behar, member of the BBLF Management Board, and attended by the Executive Director Georgi Ruitchev, as well as CEOs and managers of over 30 companies from BBLF’s community. 

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Stay tuned for the next edition of Meet BBLF Success!