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Responsible Business Community Paid a Visit to Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Capital Market’s Wake-Up Institution

November 01, 2022
Responsible Business Community Paid a Visit to Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Capital Market’s Wake-Up Institution

The Meet BBLF Success series of exclusive events aims to showcase the inspiring success of BBLF member companies across sectors

On 1 November, the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) held another edition of the Meet BBLF Success initiative, hosted this time around by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - the institution called to awaken the capital market in this country, which has been contributing to its development for 30 years. The event enabled companies from BBLF’s responsible business community to get a close look at the operations of  Bulgaria’s stock exchange. Senior executives from over 20 BBLF member companies rang the bell for the ceremonial start of the trading session evoking the investor in them.  

"The aim of the Meet BBLF Success series is to introduce BBLF member companies to the inspiring success of their peers from different sectors, to their entrepreneurship, development, achievements, innovations and best CSR practice. The format also seeks to facilitate and encourage business partnerships within our community," BBLF Chair Levon Hampartzoumian said. 

The mission of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange is to contribute to the development of an organised capital market, which will provide exchange members and their clients with equal access to market information and equal conditions for participation in securities trading. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manyu Moravenov, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, presented the activities, achievements and prospects for the BSE, noting the growth of a number of indicators in 2021 and the current year 2022. In his words, the stability of the exchange is mainly due to the potential of the Bulgarian capital market to be a good alternative for investments. 

In addition to being an organiser of trading in securities and other financial instruments, the BSE is an active participant in prioritising ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) performance of businesses in Bulgaria. BSE offers a comprehensive solution in this direction, which has three pillars: the Green Centre, which has developed ESG Disclosure and Reporting Guidelines to help companies with good sustainability practices; Oxygen, a technical tool for the mandatory minimum of ESG disclosure and reporting; and ESG Rating, the first in Bulgaria, which will be operational from 2023 in partnership with Refinitiv, a leading global provider of data and infrastructure for financial markets. These tools will help Bulgarian public companies improve their ESG performance in line with global standards and allow them to contribute to the country's sustainable economic development, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Moravenov said. 

The meeting was also attended by Vasil Golemanski, Executive Director of the Central Depository, and Milena Mihaylova, Director of International Relations and Public Relations at the BSE, as well as byBBLF Executive Director Georgi Ruitchev and Deputy Director Gabriela Marinova.

The event also celebrated the Day of the Awakeners - the hosts from BSE gave each of the guests an ideogram with a letter from the Cyrillic alphabet signed by artist Damyan Damyanov.

The meeting ended with a networking cocktail.

We would like to thank our kind hosts and all our guests from BBLF member companies.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Meet the BBLF Success!

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