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BBLF Signs Cooperation Memorandum With BBBA

August 03, 2022
BBLF Signs Cooperation Memorandum With BBBA

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) and the British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) signed a cooperation memorandum to work for the establishment of Bulgaria as an attractive investment destination; strengthening the collaboration between business and institutions and stimulating the development of the Bulgarian economy based on business ethics standards.

BBLF Chair Levon Hampartzoumian and BBBA chair  Gilbert McCaul vowed the parties shall coordinate their actions to achieve the following objectives set out by the Memorandum:

-        Corporate Social Responsibility – the parties will cooperate in promoting the business integrity among their networks and enhancing knowledge sharing on CSR best practices;

-        UK – BG relations – the parties will collaborate for the development of bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the UK in the fields of trade, business integrity, education, etc.

-        Business Climate – the parties will cooperate in supporting the rule of law and the fair and ethical business climate in Bulgaria.

Both BBLF and BBBA look forward to our joint initiatives and creating more business opportunities for our members.