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EU Diversity Charters Stand by Ukraine

March 04, 2022
EU Diversity Charters Stand by Ukraine

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter, a project launched by BBLF and the Centre for the Study of Democracy, joins a powerful message of support.

In the light of the war in Ukraine, EU Diversity Charters including the Bulgarian Diversity Charter stand up for the people of Ukraine with a powerful joint message of support:

In a world fighting everyday for its justice, peace, humanity and diversity, war has no place.

The Diversity Charters will always stand by all people and all countries that fight for their peace, their rights, their values. We stand by the Ukrainian people, the population and the demonstrators, also in Russia and Belarus, and we support every step towards freedom and peace, as we will always stand by all the countries and human beings facing the atrocities of others who devastate their peaceful and diverse living in our world. We thank all the companies, organisations, institutions that are actively helping Ukraine and its brave people, defending the values of humanity.

BBLF launched the Bulgarian Diversity Charter in 2020 in a joint initiative with the Centre for the Study of Democracy. The Charter aims to promote diversity management in Bulgaria and highlight the benefits of diverse teams and inclusive workplaces to companies and organisations, and to the society in general.

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter is a document that is voluntarily signed by a company or a public institution committing to undertake steps to implement policies on diversity and equal opportunities to people regardless of gender, race, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability.

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter represents the shared understanding of its signatories that diversity is a driver to creativity, innovation, growth and productivity, an incentive for individuals to fully reveal their knowledge, competences, talents and skills and contributes greatly to the credibility and long-term success of an organisation.

For details please visit its web page:

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