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BBLF Held Digital Health: Benefits for Businesses Online Discussion

February 09, 2022
BBLF Held Digital Health: Benefits for Businesses Online Discussion

Representatives of over 30 member and partner companies took part in the discussion with prominent experts with hands-on experience

BBLF held Digital Health and Benefits for Businesses online discussion on 8 February. It was part of a series of online events that the Forum has been organising  throughout the last 2 years focusing on health and well-being.

BBLF chair Levon Hampartzoumian opened the event saying BBLF’s discussions in the   COVID-19 pandemic period have striven to provide current and trustworthy information from experts – in digital health in this particular case, and also to enable member companies to share ideas and experience.  

„Beyond any doubt digitalisation is the future. Before going digital however we need to have our systems well organised and functioning, we cannot digitalize chaos. For digital processes to be efficient they need the people who can use them creatively using their knowledge, skills and experience. In other words, a reasonable and pragmatic approach is key and this seems to be particularly valid about our topic today, namely the accessible, reliable and safe health care provided by digital therapies”, he said.

The event was moderated by Maxim Behar, BBLF Board member and CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc.

Digital therapies are responsible for a fundamental transformarion of healthcare on a global scale marking a 31.4% growth, Dimitar Georgiev MD, CEO of Paralax Life Sciences and Genomix said.

From an analogue activity until only recently now healthcare has become a mix of medicine and IT innovations that provides a lot of benefits in terms of monitoring, analysis, information, diagnostics.

A major element of digital health are mobile applications: patient-centred, they have become part of our everyday routine because of their advantages: they are inexpensive, accessible on one’s smartphone, objective and potentially able to replace some medical disciplines.

Two digital health mobile apps hailing from Bulgaria are part of the social responsibility of investor Genomix: and Digiburn.

Cofounders Hristo Penchev and Neda Sahatchieva presented Established in 2017, the brand develops and offers mobile apps in healthcare meant for pregnant women and parents and helping them in the process of early child development.

Georgi Natchev presented Digiburn, a mobile app that prevents and treats burnout, an issue that has surged in recent years and can possibly affect over 50% of the active population. The app is a powerful tool for both patients and employers.

CEOs and senior executives of 30 BBLF member and partner companies attended the discussion. Thank you!