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BBLF Members Conversed With British Ambassador Dr Rob Dixon

April 20, 2021
BBLF Members Conversed With British Ambassador Dr Rob Dixon

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Bulgaria talked to BBLF members

On 20 April the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum held a virtual meeting for member and partner companies with Dr Rob Dixon. Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Bulgaria talked to CEO and top executives of nearly 40 companies of BBLF’s responsible business community. 

The event was organised in cooperation with the British Embassy in Sofia and was moderated by Maxim Behar, BBLF Board member and M3 Communications Group, Inc. CEO.

BBLF Chairman Levon Hampartzoumian said at the opening: „We have lived in very interesting times but we are used to facing challenges in Bulgaria and looking for ways to overcome them“. The current global situation would bring about new, more sustainable ways of doing business, he said.

Ambassador Dr Dixon emphasized opportunities for expanding bilateral economic relations particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic is a chance for businesses to build back better and focus on digitalization and high tech and green economy.

BBLF members were able to submit their enquiries beforehand as well as during the event. Topics of discussion included the UK’s response to COVID-19, bilateral trade, UK investment in Bulgaria, Brexit and its impact on businesses, opportunities to travel, work and study in the UK and more.

A video recording of the event is available here:

Our thanks go to everyone who attended the discussion for their time and input.