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The Pandemic, a Year Later: Lessons Learned With Prof. Todor Kantardjiev

March 24, 2021
The Pandemic, a Year Later: Lessons Learned With Prof. Todor Kantardjiev

Prof. Todor Kantardjiev, MD, PhD, DSc, director of the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and member of the National Operational HQ, was the speaker of our online discussion The Pandemic, a Year Later: Lessons Learned on 23 March. The event was part of a series of discussions for member and partner companies on the COVID situation and its impact on people and businesses.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended as well as to sponsors Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law and Titan Machinery Bulgaria.

BBLF chairman Levon Hampartzoumian opened the event saying BBLF’s discussions amid the COVID-19 pandemic have aimed to provide business leaders with current and trustworthy information from well-known professionals as well as to enable the responsible business community to share data and experience to provide a safe environment for their workforce while ensuring their companies continue to perform.   

Prof. Kantardjiev reviewed the last 12 months in the light of COVID-19 saying science managed to learn a lot more about it in one year than it had for decades about other infectious diseases. The light of hope comes from the vaccines although mass vaccinations are a challenge, too. A year into the pandemic, we saw that the fear of uncertainty and the lack of respect for professionals are a source of risk in healthcare, too, he said.

CEOs and senior managers of more than 45 companies from the BBLF community attended the event. Prof. Kantardjiev took various questions from the audience concerning the vaccines, prevention measures, the return to office work, the vaccination of staff members from all kinds of sectors, etc. The event was moderated by Maxim Behar, BBLF Board member and CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc.

Stay tuned for our next meetings.