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BBLF Held COVID-19 Response: Strategy, Planning Online Discussion

February 19, 2021
BBLF Held COVID-19 Response: Strategy, Planning Online Discussion

Well-known professionals were the guest speakers of the online discussion earlier today titled COVID-19 Response: Strategy, Planning. BBLF organised the event to look for answers to the questions that business leaders are asking.

The online discussion was supported by Titan Machinery Bulgaria.

Associate Professor Angel Kunchev, chief state health inspector and member of the national operational HQ and Dr Alexander Simidchiev, a well-known pulmonologist and healthcare professional were the two guest speakers. CEOs and senior executives of more than 45 companies from BBLF’s responsible business community took part in the discussion.

The event was part of a series of online discussions that BBLF has been organising for member companies and partners amid the COVID-19 pandemic to enable them to raise issues and look for relevant information that is vital in making decisions for staff members, organisations and activities in the current crisis.

“COVID-19 response measures are hardly predictable as the pandemic does not follow a plan yet we believe the state authorities managed to handle the situation by redirecting the existing resources: people, equipment, financing. As early as in mid March Bulgaria will have sufficient quantities of vaccines, a national vaccination plan and vaccine points. The current challenge is having people who want to get a shot, Associate Professor Kunchev said in his speech. The role of opinion leaders and all community leaders is crucial in this respect. All three vaccines approved so far are 100 per cent effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalisation and death, he added.

Dr Alexander Simidchiev’s presentation emphasised the relationship between health and wealth and pointed out the management of public health is in fact risk management that invokes an approach that must involve all stakeholders. They all need to act together in harmony much like the parts of a watch. The integrated and targeted communication is vital for the success of the national vaccination effort, he said.   

“BBLF is again  aiming to  ensure direct contact and sharing of data and comments between leaders in science and business leaders. We need to act together to reinstate trust in professionals and common sense that would help us do the right thing for our health, and public health and the economy”, BBLF chairman Levon Hampartzoumian said while opening the event.

The discussion was also joined by BBLF deputy chair Iravan Hira and Board members Zoya Paunova and Maxim Behar who was moderator of the event.

CEOs and senior executives of BBLF member companies and partners had the opportunity to ask their questions and get replies and commitment from the two guest speakers.