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Start of 2014 Responsible Business Awards

November 04, 2014
Start of 2014 Responsible Business Awards

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum announced the 12th edition of its annual Responsible Business Awards is now open for entries

At a press conference at the BTA Press Club today the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) announced the start of the application window for  the 12th edition of its Responsible Business Awards, this country’s most prestigious CSR contest. "Our annual awards are our way to raise awareness of sustainable business that gives back and makes a mark," BBLF Chairman Iravan Hira stated.

"Our goal is not so much the race - although we are all set with winners, prizes and a glamorous award-giving ceremony, but rather the support and promotion of responsible companies and their best practices which can motivate others to follow suit. We are convinced that this is the road to achieving our goal – making Bulgaria a fine place to invest, work and live in," he added.

Corporate responsibility is an essential part of ever more businesses, BBLF representatives added quoting the 300% growth in efforts of companies to support community causes since the start of the competition in 2003. "The fact that the Bulgarian business invests in social good projects despite the lack of political and economic stability stands for a trust in people and the country at large," Maria Shishkova, BBLF board member, said.

"Every year we have a record-breaking number of nominations and hopefully we will witness the same trend now," she added. "I encourage more companies to share their projects with us so that together we can send a message that in Bulgaria one can be successful by engaging in worthy causes."

BBLF’s Annual Responsible Business Awards were established to mark the Forum’s fifth anniversary. The competition is national and open to all companies operating in the Bulgarian market regardless of their size, sector and membership in the Forum. Iravan Hira noted that companies and their social projects not only receive public recognition but also participate in a platform enabling them to share their CSR-related experience and ideas.

Nominations are welcome for the following six categories: Investor in Knowledge, Investor in Community, Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions, Investor in Environment , Cause-Related Marketing and Best Social Policy of SME. One of all nominated projects will receive the special Engage prize granted by the International Business Leaders Forum in recognition of the level of employee engagement in a social project.

In response to a question George Ruitchev, BBLF Executive Director, said that companies that had implemented social projects in partnership with other companies, civil organisations or institutions are all welcome to apply for the Awards.

He added that the transparency of the contest which has gained high esteem over the years is guaranteed by a distinguished and independent jury of 12 respected experts from various sectors - business, NGOs and institutions whose diverse viewpoints secure an objective evaluation of entries.

The deadline for nominations for the 2014 Responsible Business Awards is 15 January 2015. Apply now on The award-giving ceremony will be held in February 2015 in Sofia.

Photography: Zhivotat dnes newspaper