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Change is the Road to Success

June 16, 2014
Change is the Road to Success

Lead for Tomorrow’s guest speaker Alfredo Culebro, founder and CEO of SalesPartners Latin America, shared his personal experience with BBLF

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), AquaSource Bulgaria and Elieff Centre for Education and Culture hosted Alfredo Culebro’s Embrace Success speech on 12 June 2014. The event was part of Lead for Tomorrow, one of BBLF’s most popular projects enabling young talents and managers to learn directly from global business’ top professionals.

Special speaker was Alfredo Culebro, SalesPartners Latin America founder and CEO and an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker who shares his experience with audiences across continents. He was welcomed by Gabriela Marinova, deputy executive director of BBLF and Liliana Kutzarova, country manager of AquaSource.

Speaking to some 40 young professionals and managers representing BBLF members and non-member companies the Mexican guest presented his vision of successful leadership. He highlighted three key leadership qualities: energy, being open to change, and capacity to learn.

“All leaders have, understand and require energy. If you always listen to that little inner voice that signals the unknown, your life will never change. We learn by listening to others, and asking questions. If you ask the right questions, you will have the power. This is particularly true of the business world”, Culebro pointed out. He talked of his personal experience that fuelled a major change in his own life that prompted him to write his best-selling book “This Has to Change!”. Its Bulgarian edition has just been published.

Culebro advised young managers to make a paradigm shift: know who they are, do what they love and only after that start having things. In conclusion, he wished future leaders to realise their potential and help their teams to grow as well.

The event received media coverage by the Bulgarian National Radio, Е, TB (all in Bulgarian).