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BBLF trains the youth on CSR principles

February 23, 2010
BBLF trains the youth on CSR principles

BBLF Executive Director Stamen Tassev, was invited by the student organization AIESEC UNWE Sofia to be the special guest lecturer on the topic of "Business in Action: Corporate Social Responsibility”. Mr. Tassev introduced to the students the key concept of CSR and addressed its three pillars - economy, society and environment by stressing that CSR is a conscious act in a long term process. Mr. Tassev pointed out that responsible businesses must pay attention to key areas such as human rights, security, business standard, humanitarian assistance, health care, environmental protection etc.. 

"There is a necessity for change in people’s daily habits and you are the ones who will change this country," confidently stated to his audience Mr. Tassev. He concluded that the time for fair trade and responsible business has already come and everything is in the hands of young people and upcoming professionals who have the power to change any existing unethical business practices of today.

On March 5th BBLF participated again in AIESEC’s three day event under the motto “Business in Practice: Corporate Social Responsibility” dedicated to educating students about the ideas, benefits and ways of incorporating CSR into the real business.