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BBLF supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

February 04, 2010
BBLF supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

10.000 leva will be donated to the National Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment for Oncology by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF). The amount will be used for providing supplies and will give the opportunity to 600 women to be examined free of charge.

This was announced on February 4th, the International Breast Cancer Day. As the representative of the responsible business in Bulgaria, BBLF is honored to expresses its support and become part of the global efforts of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in raising awareness and prevention of breast cancer.

Statistics indicate that in Bulgaria, breast cancer is diagnosed at a considerably late stage. However, over the last few years the percentage of early detection cases is slowly increasing. BBLF is very proud to have among its rank, two member companies - AstraZeneca and Avon, who have contributed for this positive trend through their invested efforts of over a decade in campaigning for breast cancer awareness and prevention.

The donation made by BBLF is a result of the support of nearly a hundred representatives of the responsible business in Bulgaria, who took part in the BBLF Grand Charity Ball organized earlier this year. Funds from the Ball will also be donated to finance free in-vitro fertilization procedures for financially burdened Bulgarian families. 

This year's sponsors of the BBLF Grand Charity Ball were the America for Bulgaria Foundation, AstraZeneca, Imoti Ltd. and AES Maritza East.

Auction items were donated by Microsoft Bulgaria, Adress Reals Estate, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Avon Cosmetics Bulgaria, Todoroff Wine Cellar, New Symphony Orchestra, Wine & Wine, BNP Paribas, Wine Cellar Minkov Brothers, Drujba GlassWorks, AquaSource, Rotary Club Sofia International, Foundation Sorosoptimist - Boyana Club, M3 Communications, Allied Pickfords, M-Tel and Facility Optimum.