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"Is Tourism Responsible?" -BBLF searches for the answer

July 30, 2009
"Is Tourism Responsible?" -BBLF searches for the answer

July 30th saw the official launch of the Responsible Tourism Survey at the Black Sea Coast. Initiated by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and co-funded by the European Commission, it seeks to find out the current practice, opinions and experience of everyone involved in tourism (tourists, workers, residents, investors, managers, environmentalists etc), in respect of the social, economic and environmental issues and consequences of tourism development. Research teams will visit 18 of the summer resorts along the north and south of the Black Sea Coast.


The results of the research will be presented during the upcoming seminar "Are we ready, willing and able to develop responsible tourism?" which will take place on September 4th at the Euxinograd Estate, Varna Municipality.  


The Responsible Tourism Survey is one of the numerous activities carried out as part of the project  ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tourism Industry in Bulgaria - the Facts and the Future.' Everyone can participate in the project - see, and is welcome to attend seminars in Varna on September 4th at Euxinovgrad Palace, and in Sofia on November 11th celebrating World Responsible Tourism Day. For invitations contact


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