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Sixth Business Leaders Olympics: the business competition is taken to the sport fields!

July 11, 2009
Sixth Business Leaders Olympics: the business competition is taken to the sport fields!

The competition spirit of the Bulgarian businessmen was not wavered even by the continuous rain during the Sixth Business leaders Olympics that took place on Saturday, July 11th at the American College of Sofia. Managers and employees of Bulgarian and foreign companies faced each other off on the sports field competing in 13 Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, chess, darts, backgammon and many other sports.


BBLF's Business Olympics continues to grow in popularity and for the sixth year in a row it attracted participants from many companies such as Postbank, Overgas, M3 Communications Group, Curtis/Balkan, TNT Bulgaria, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Radisson SAS, Siemens and many others. All players demonstrated competitive spirit and outstanding sportsmanship.


The Olympics football cup was won by the team of Overgas in a close run with the team of Postbank. In the volleyball competition the unquestioned leaders were the representatives of Siemens. The runner up was the combined team of Postbank and KLC and in third place was the team of PricewaterHouseCoopers. On the basketball court the winning team was that of Overgas, followed by the team of AsrtaZeneca. Among the winners in the "quiet" sports were Svetla Tsanova of Curtis/Balkan in backgammon, Hristo Ninov of ITCE was the maestro in chess, Vasil Popov of PricewaterHouseCoopers was the winner in scrabble. The sports cup in tennis went to Tihomir Ivanov of M3 Communications in the men category and to Stefka Ilieva of AquaSource in women category. The winner's cup in table tennis went for the second year in a row to Kaloian Stoianov of Postbank. Ivo Geshev of TNT was most precise in the game of darts.


Other than competing in the games the participants in the Olympics had a chance to learn the basics of salsa  as well as to have their cholesterol level measured by a special team of doctors, who were there as part of AstraZeneca's "Healthy Heart" campaign. The children of the participants were entertained by a group of artists.


Over 90 prizes were given away during the raffle creating many exciting moments for the participants. The gifts were provided by TNT Bulgaria, Todoroff Winery, Radisson BLU, AIMS Human Capital, Overgas, Microsoft, Rubella, AVON Cosmetics, ITCE, Metropolitan Hotel, AquaSource, Mercury-97, Actavis, Grand Hotel Sofia, High Group Consulting and many others!


The Sixth Business Leaders Olympics was organized with the general support of M-Tel and the financial sponsorship of BNP Paribas, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, McDonalds and with the support of Karnobat Winery, Unitemp, Coca-Cola Bulgaria, Todoroff Winery, Pain D'or, Unitemp and Danone. The American College of Sofia was the kind host of the event.


Raffle tickets that were not claimed:


The following tickets were drawn and still need to be claimed by the lucky winners!

If you see a number that matches your ticket, please contact the BBLF office to claim your prize!


# 00045   -   ITCE: Voucher for a training program: Introduction to Project Management


# 000234  -  Todoroff  Wine & Spa: Spa procedure for two + dinner at the Wine and Spa Hotel Todoroff


# 000421 -  Todoroff  Wine & Spa : Spa procedure for two + dinner at the Wine and Spa Hotel Todoroff


# 000712  -   Avon Cosmetics gift


# 000823 -   Avon Cosmetics gift


# 000877 -   BNP Paribas gift







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