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Friends and employees of Postbank clean the Pancharevo Lake

June 13, 2009
Friends and employees of Postbank clean the Pancharevo Lake

Over 500 people - employees of Postbank, their families, associates and friends took part in the clean up action of the Pancharevo lake and the area around it. More than 950 kilograms of garbage was collected separately and removed from the area.

Mr. Anthony Hasiotis, CEO of Postbank, took active part in the eco initiative joined by Mr. Stanimir Peev, Mayor of the Pancharevo District, Mr. Yordan Georgiev, Mayor of Kokalyane and representatives of NGOs. The project is implemented under Postbank's program for environmental protection and environmentally responsible behavior and this initiative is carried out for the second time by Postbank.

"Last year we gathered at this same place and before all of you on behalf of Postbank I expressed our long term commitment that we will continue to care about the conservation and cleanliness of this area. Eight months later, all of us are here again and that is the most convincing evidence that the company is keeping its promise. I assure you that cleaning the Pancharevo lake has become an integral part of our corporate social responsibility with a focus on environmental protection", stated Mr Hasiotis.

This year, besides the traditional cleaning of garbage, volunteers from Postbank painted the bridge to the lake. In order to facilitate cyclists and encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, the bank recently built a parking for bicycles as well.

Last year the initiative in the region was dedicated to the development of the area with the construction and maintenance of a special place for recreation and games close to the bus stop "The Beach", renovation of the bridge to the Pancharevo Municipality building and cleaning the area around the lake. The action was again carried out by volunteers - employees of the bank.

The project "Crystal Clear Pancharevo" is part of the overall program of Postbank for environmental protection, which started in 2008 and continues to evolve.


In addition to their CSR work in the field of ecology, Postbank implements a social responsibility policy in the education filed with its program "Strong Start with Postbank, which is implemented for the fifth consecutive year under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science. Recently, in partnership with the Sofia Municipality's Postbank also supported the lighting on the facade of the Sofia City Library.