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Postbank collaborates with the Municipality of Sofia to illuminate Sofia City Library

April 01, 2009
Postbank collaborates with the Municipality of Sofia to illuminate Sofia City Library

Postbank is a partner of the Municipality of Sofia in a project to renew the exterior lightening of Sofia City Library. The bank champions the "Enlighten Yourself" project, which is consistent with its policy of corporate social responsibility.


The façade of one of the most widely admired architectural landmarks in Sofia was illuminated by 98 floodlights in the presence of intellectuals, representatives of the state institutions and the local authorities, citizens and guests of Sofia. Anthony Hassiotis, CEO of Postbank, Boyko Borisov, Mayor of Sofia Municipality and Mihail Belchev, Director of the Sofia City Library symbolically switched on the lights during the official ceremony.   


The illumination of the Sofia City Library is the first project of the financial institution in the field of culture for the year 2009. This year in addition to  its traditional CSR projects Postbank also plans to carry out a number new social initiatives. 


At present, the most significant CSR projects of Postbank are dedicated to education and environmental protection. "High start with Postbank" is the programme that the bank executes to support high school education in Bulgaria. The programme is carried out for a fifth consecutive year under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2008, the bank launched its integrated programme of environmental protection "Crystal Purity of the Pancharevo lake" and made a lasting commitment to care for the lake of Pancharevo and its surroundings.


Postbank's CEO Mr. Anthony Hassiotis emphasized that "By becoming part of this project, we simultaneously endorse two causes that are dear to us. First, we are helping to make the city we all live in brighter and more beautiful and we are also supporting a place which is of great significance for the cultural life of our capital."