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BBLF in support of idea for universal phone chargers

February 20, 2009
BBLF in support of idea for universal phone chargers

In September of 2008, BBLF sent an official letter to Mr. Gunter Verheugen,Vice President and European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, in which it stated its full support of the idea for a universal phone charger that was at the time being proposed to the EC by Mr. Solomon Passy, Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee and Ms. Gergana Grancharova, Minister of the European Affairs.


As a result of that proposal, on February 17th of 2009, at the Annual GSM Conference that took place in Barcelona, Spain, the GSM Association and 17 of the world's biggest mobile operators and manufacturers announced their commitment to the development and implementation of a universal charger for new mobile phones. This decision is a clear indication that rational ideas oriented towards the preservation of nature and the care for people takes superiority over already estabelished business practices especially when such ideas have the strong support of organizations like BBLF.


The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum is proud to have participated in the early stages of this initiative and to have contributed for the realization of this new responsible and sustainable business practice that will facilitate the telecommunications market, save energy and resources, reduce global warming and above all improve the quality of life of citizens all over the world. BBLF is the leading business association in Bulgaria that promotes the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility and as such it will continue in the future to support initiatives that stimulate the conducting of transparent and ethical business.