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Colliers Day features world renowned urban designer David Sim

September 16, 2008
Colliers Day features world renowned urban designer David Sim

Modern city centers should be "reconquered" from traffic - because in many cases cars have driven out traditional urban social interaction and resulted in the abandonment of the heart of the city. That's according to David Sim from the internationally acclaimed urban design consultancy, Gehl Architects. Mr. Sim made his presentation "Urban Philosophy - Modern European Cities" at an event organized by Colliers International. It took place on 16 September in the Botanical Garden in Sofia. Media partner was the newspaper, Stroitelsvo i Grada (Construction and the City).


The focus of the presentation was the urban spaces and how we develop cities that are both livable and sustainable - based on the scale and pace of human beings. More than 250 people from the real estate sector, leading Bulgarian and International businesses as well as representatives from the public sector participated in the event, where David Sim outlined 4 types of cities;


The traditional city, where people naturally interact. The invaded city, where cars take over the public spaces and very little space is left for social interaction. In The abandoned city public spaces are deserted and public outdoor life is absent. In The reconquered city public spaces are once again lively with significant urban quality.


"With this type of event we would like to direct the attention towards the urban philosophy and how we develop our Bulgarian cities. It is important to focus on this now", says Atanas Garov, Managing Director of Colliers International in Bulgaria. "Urban quality affects all aspects of life, and is essential in ensuring sustainable development and ultimately sustainable investments".